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Water Birth

At Full Circle Childbirth Consultants, we believe that birth is an empowering event in a woman's life. As the mother discovers her own strengths and wishes, the doula helps her build confidence in herself and her abilities.

Full Circle's doula support starts with a prenatal visit with the expectant parents. This visit allows both parties to become acquainted, to explore and discuss priorities and any fears or concerns. The need for additional educational or support services is explored.

The doula joins the expectant parents at the hospital when labor has started. Using professional skills and experience, the doula provides physical comfort, facilitates communication with staff and provides reassurance and perspective to the couple.

The doula helps with relaxation and positioning, using comfort measures such as position changes, massage, back pressure and aromatherapy. She remains with the mother throughout the entire labor and delivery process, bringing years of experience in labor support to the mother's birth experience.

Finally, the doula visits the couple in the hospital or at home to review the birth experience, help with problem-solving, and discuss any concerns or issues the new parents might have.


ANTEPARTUM DOULA: An antepartum doula provides physical and emotional support to the mother-to-be who experiences medical or psychological issues anytime during the pregnancy. Many of these mothers have had pregnancy complications, including multiple babies, and are confined to bedrest up to 20 weeks. The doula will help with household organization, meal preparation, care of older sibling(s), errands, and general companionship. The doula is educated in normal pregnancy and complications, ways to support the mother physically and mentally, and how to provide care to the entire family.

BIRTH DOULA: Numerous studies have correlated positive birth outcomes with having a doula present during labor and delivery. With the support of a doula, women are less likely to be administered pain-relief medications and are less likely to require a cesarean. Doulas often use the power of touch and massage to reduce anxiety and pain during labor. Massage stimulates the production of natural oxycontin, resulting in uterine contractions as well as feelings of well-being and drowsiness, thus increasing the pain threshold and improving the overall childbirth experience.

POSTPARTUM DOULA: A postpartum doula provides personalized in-home support to new and experienced parents to reduce the stress of adding a new baby into the household. Both parents can rest more easily with a doula there to help. Benefits include: improved physical recovery period for mom, greater breastfeeding success, reduced rate of postpartum mood disorders, increased competence and confidence in all aspects of newborn care, and less anxiety for the partner returning to work. If needed, a doula will provide timely referrals to appropriate support groups and professionals.

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